Positive Expectancy

Positive Expectancy: The Power Of “Yet”

Today I want to share a short message that I hope inspires and empowers you… the power of yet.

  • I haven’t climbed that mountain… yet.
  • I haven’t mastered that recipe… yet.
  • I haven’t found my next business builder… yet.
  • I haven’t qualified for Diamond… yet.

Some may see that as a negative; which I believe is a disempowering perspective

What I see wrapped up in those three little letters is the power of “positive expectancy.”

… y-e-t

  •     Yet means you aren’t giving up.
  •     Yet means you expect to accomplish the task.
  •     Yet means you intend to complete the journey.
  •     Yet means you recognize the principle of timing.
  •     Yet means you believe.

Cultivate a mindset based on positive expectancy.

Learning to craft your expectations and cultivate your dreams
and goals is
such a crucial aspect of being an entrepreneur.

From those dreams, the ideas, thoughts and aspirations that stoke the fires
of your heart and mind, this is where you will draw energy and inspiration
to do what you do and fuel your journey.

Positive expectancy and believing you can do it and replacing can’t or won’t
with “yet” is a shift in your mindset that will empower you in nearly any aspect
of your life; especially as an entrepreneur.

Couple that positive expectancy with massive action and you become unstoppable.

  •     You become a person “on the move.”
  •     You become a person other people gravitate towards.
  •     You become a source of inspiration for others.
  •     You become the person you want to be.

Yet builds a bridge between now and the potential future you are aiming towards.

Yet builds a bridge between the [current reality] and [what is possible].

My hope is that this simple message reaches those who need to hear it and empowers your life.
Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts and experience.

Until next time,
Live Long & Prosper

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What is the highest priority goal you are currently working towards that you could empower with positive expectancy?


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