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Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump: 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding

Brand Marketing is a hot topic on the lips of many marketers these days.
Especially in the home and small business space.

Entrepreneurs around the world are looking for the edge to market their brand and gain exposure for their business, products and services.

In this article we’re going to explore the art of brand marketing like a billion dollar mogul and quite possibly one of the most recognized brands today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump:
7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding

the Donald

Anyone that knows anything about Donald Trump knows he is a big thinker and even more so, an action taker. The Trump brand is a power house that encompasses the globe.

From real estate development and brokerages to casinos, hotels, golf courses, branded consumer goods ranging from golf clubs, restaurants, an airline, a furniture collection, a menswear label, boxed chocolates, loose leaf teas, vodka, a slew of books, bottled water, beauty pageants, modeling, a production company, ice skating rinks and yes… even a network marketing company [now defunct].

Trump Logos

But the Trump brand doesn’t stop there…

On top of having 2 hit TV shows, the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, “The Donald” has run, ok maybe more like dabbled in running for President of The United States of America three times, and now making a full run for candidacy in 2015 with his “Make America Great Again” campaign.

The Trump brand is aggressive and all about kicking ass in the marketplace.
The word Trump has become synonymous with success, luxury and being fearless.

While some may say it’s too aggressive, like him or not, you have to respect what he’s accomplished.

From a sheer business perspective it’s an impressive laundry list of success and failure and never being afraid of going at it again and again and never giving up.

So let’s jump in and get to the core of
Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump: 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #1

Here’s the simple fact of life…
Every day, every minute you wait, is lost time, lost revenue, lost opportunity.

Stop waiting to be ready and just get out there and do it already.
Every day you procrastinate putting one foot in front of the other to get started is a day

Every day you wait is a day someone misses out on what you have to offer that could
positively impact their life.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are or how much you practice your craft and hone
your skills.

If you aren’t out there DOING the stuff you’re good at (or getting good at), none of
it matters.

Do It Already … START Now!

Like any construction project, there are phases to developing a brand.
The next phase is what I call Project Buzz
There are 3 key pieces “the Secrets” to Trump style Project Buzz:

  • Pre Launch
  • Construction Highlights
  • and The Reveal (Opening Night)

Learning the art of the launch sequence, Pre Launch, Construction Highlights and The Reveal are key elements in the Trump Empire launch blueprint. Whether it is a new brand or conducting a rebranding campaign.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #2

Now that you’ve started, start talking about what you’re doing. Everyone loves the excitement around Trump revealing a new building, casino or golf course that’s being built.

Fans, media, colleagues… they all show up to “the event” as the amazing “plan” is unveiled. It gets almost as much media attention as the actual reveal on opening day.

This “pre marketing” mechanism includes things like getting your seed keywords in order.
Identifying your audience and profiling your potential customers.
Planning your video marketing and SEO strategies.

Now START talking with your audience… NOW.
This is where you begin to establish your position in the marketplace.

The world is your oyster…
new or old, you can CREATE the brand and position you want, whenever you want.

Plenty of brands in history have been rebranded, received a makeover or just plain started over with a new message and a new goal and became wildly successful.

Start creating buzz around your brand right now – don’t hesitate.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #3

Trump doesn’t wait for something to be “finished” to start promoting it.
Marketing continues while the project is “under construction.”

While you build your brand, get out there and network. Talk about your vision, share
your message with the masses.

People love the anticipation of “Coming Soon.”
Just look at movie trailers…
it is the art of building anticipation at its finest.

One of the most effective ways to do this from what I’ve seen is video. Actually
video is one of the most effective marketing media of all in today’s entertainment
focused culture. A testament to which is the success of the Apprentice.

Take note and get out there and post updates about what you’re doing
and share your thoughts and experience as you take your journey.

This is something critical for newcomers to the entrepreneurial arena.
What you lack in experience you can make up with numbers.
Massive action and building excitement can be just as effective, if not more,
than a long list of experience and past success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new.
“If you’re active and excited about where you’re going,
people will gravitate towards you.”
People always want to be part of something.

[bctt tweet=”If you’re active and excited about where you’re going, people will gravitate towards you.” url=”″]

  • BUILD momentum.
  • BUILD recognition.
  • BUILD experience.
  • BUILD trust.

There isn’t a building or enterprise in the history of mankind that was instantly
there one day. They were all built, from the ground up… brick by brick, sale by

Share the experience with the world and you will build a “remarkable” brand.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #4
the REVEAL … “Opening Night”

This is where it gets super fine.
This is where you’ve gained some experience,
cultivated an audience and you’re ready to rock!

At this point you start to do things like launching your own products, doing
successful JVs, creating promotions for your mlm team…
the opportunities are endless.

How quickly you get here is up to you. And the really cool part, the reality is,
you don’t need a multi-million dollar experience or budget to do it.

You can make a grand affair of even the smallest beginnings with the power of
marketing. You can do this with a tiny list and nearly no experience.

The power is in taking action and marketing it well.

How quickly you get here is based on you and the level you are willing to invest in
YOURSELF. The more you invest in you, the more you have to offer the marketplace.
VALUE is the name of the game.

What may start as a seemingly insignificant condo, will build over time to other
deals… an apartment complex, a subdivision, a hotel chain, a casino, a resort.

Don’t be afraid to start small… The beauty of the entrepreneurial world is that
anyone with a little ambition and ingenuity can get started today.

The next phase to branding like Trump could be considered maintenance mode. These are
things you are going to do on an ongoing basis from the day you start in perpetuity.

It is vital to the success of the business and the level of attention your business
will get, to implement these strategies.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #5

You must get the word out that you’re in business. And this is one of the areas of
marketing where Trump shines the most. He knows how to play the media.

Don’t wait for someone else to talk about your business.
YOU talk about your business and other people will start talking about your business.

  • Exposure creates buzz.
  • Buzz creates attention.
  • Attention attracts people.
  • Your business needs people.

Let the press know you exist.
Get reviews and testimonies.
Get the word out about your reviews, testimonies and product & service ratings.
Create “news” about what you and your business are doing.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #6

This is huge!
Think of Celebrity Apprentice and how well the show has done.
It isn’t the “Mediocre People Applying For A Job” show.
It’s celebrities, famous people, competing on a reality show.

People are voyeuristic and will live vicariously through you.
Leverage celebrity figures and notable brands in and out of your industry to build your own sense of celebrity.

This allows you to piggy-back on the fame, trust, name and audience of that brands success.
Which in turn raises your brands awareness and celebrity status with your audience.

When people see you mentioned alongside a celebrity figure they instinctually
associate you with that celebrity and attach a level of celebrity to you.

This is another huge factor if you are just getting started.

One way to do this is by attending industry events.

The people you meet and the experience you have is priceless.
The pictures and video opps you have are worth thousands, even millions.

Photos and videos from the event and the environment around it.
A photo standing with a well known personality in your company.
A video interview with an industry leader.

Connect with people and talk with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn after
the event. These are “public” forums and platforms where the masses congregate.

Engaging in the “connected conversation” is vital.
It’s a virtual world and information and conversations can go viral at any moment.

These are all things you can do to establish the “celebrity” factor in your brand.

You hang out at cool events and rub shoulders with the super stars and recognized names
in the industry. Some of that celebrity is transferred to you by default.
Cultivate it and seek it out with intention.

Always be authentic… nothing is worth compromising your integrity.

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Strategy #7

It’s the title of one of his books and the icon of everything Trump.

The key in this secret is all about getting your TEAM together.

When you start out you may be required to “boot strap” your business.
The only thing on your mind may be “I hope we break even this month.”

You have to THINK BIGGER than that.
You have to DREAM BIGGER than that.

Are you really going into business for mediocre results?
Are you really going to take the entrepreneurial journey just to break even?

You have to BECOME BIGGER than that.

Believe me there are far easier ways to make a buck in this life than being an

To be bigger, you have to think bigger.
That means you have to envision your business and its reach outside of the limitations of yourself.

Look at Network Marketing…
What part of that phrase gives you the impression it has anything
to do with what you can accomplish alone?

This entire industry is based on leveraging the power and resources of a TEAM.
“Where 2 or 3 agree on a common purpose nothing is impossible.”

Leadership isn’t about doing everything yourself or being a super star with mega

Leadership is about seeing the BIG picture, cultivating a VISION and
ORGANIZING an ambitious TEAM to take ACTION.

We all need to belong to something BIGGER than ourselves.
Leaders furnish the inspiration for something BIGGER.
The “bigger” furnishes the INSPIRATION for us.

The last couple of points I’d like to make, Brand Marketing Bonuses if you will, are this…

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Bonus #1

“If I were to put “Trump” on everything that came my way – from potato
chips to paper clips – the power of my name would be diluted.
I’m very demanding and selective about where that name goes.
And I always try to make sure the letters are in gold.”
~Donald Trump 

While there is a measure of massive action you must take in spreading

the word about your brand and expanding your brand, you have to be mindful
of what your brand stands for, cultivate that message and protect what the
brand stands for.

Like Donald said, if you slap your content around all over the internet
irrespective of the “quality” of where you syndicate, share and endorse,
you dilute your brand.

If you are going to create a personal brand positioned as a beacon of
professionalism, high quality, luxury and class, then you wouldn’t put your
content or your brand in association with elements that degrade that message.

Which leads to the next Trump Branding Bonus…

Trump Lion
Brand Marketing Bonus #2

Trump started in the ground.
He got his hands dirty as a builder.
His career in real estate development is legendary.

There’s a great quote from George Bernard Shaw:

“Life isn’t about discovering yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”

Get grounded and figure out who you are.
Get your hands dirty and create your brand.
Don’t be afraid to CREATE who you want to be.
Don’t be afraid to step into your authentic self.

There are people in the world waiting to hear from you.
There are people in this world that need your brand and what it represents.
There are people out there who need to hear your message and your story.

So there it is…
Brand Marketing Like Donald Trump: 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding

I hope this message empowers and inspires you to be the best you, you can be today.
TAKE ACTION… consume that inspiration and go out and inspire your community.

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and
ideas on developing your identity and brand marketing. 

Until next time…
Live Long & Prosper
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